Front-end Developer

We are now looking for a Senior Software Engineer, with Front-end in focus.

You will be developing front-end software for consumer-facing and internal products. Your responsibilities will include rapid development of prototypes/concepts, and regular product development.

You should have a start-up experience where you have quickly developed prototypes and catalyzed product development in a fast-paced, fluid environment. You are a hands-on developer with front-end experience. You are experienced with agile development and a champion of software development standard methodologies.

You are experienced as a front-end software engineer. To succeed in this role, you need to have a minimum of 6 years of work experience developing front-end software. As well as:

• Expert in JavaScript programming and in building UIs with HTML and CSS

• Expert in React.js

• Experience in Typescript

• Experience in using Next.js framework

• Experience in using one or more cloud providers like AWS or Azure

• Experience in building accessible and performant websites

• Experience with headless content management systems

• Understanding of Service Oriented Architectures

Workload: 100%

Location: Sweden (on-site)

Language: English