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IT Consultants


Companies need educated and experienced IT consultants in various job fields. Our portfolio covers a multitude of roles such as Software Development Engineers with a different technology background (i.e. Full Stack, Backend, Frontend, .NET, Java, Python, Go, React, Angular, Mobile Developers), Software Architects, Database Developers and Administrators, Project and Product Managers, Middle Management, Team Leaders, SCRUM Masters, Business and Product Analysts, Quality Assurance Engineers, UI/UX Consultants, Security Consultants, Telecom Consultants, DevOps and Cloud Engineers including AWS, GCP, Azure, Kubernetes, Docker, Technical Documentation Experts, Embedded Engineers, and many other specialized roles.


DataJob connects companies in the Nordics and across Europe with a vast, global network of IT Consultants with a diverse range of expertise.

We take great pride in our detailed and precise matching process. Its effectiveness is clearly demonstrated by the number of our consultants who choose to continue working with their employers well beyond the duration of their initial contracts. We also work actively on providing continuity of work and stay of our consultants whenever possible in order to help both consultants and companies achieve their goals.


The Nordics are emerging as market-leading hubs in the IT industry. Many consultants worldwide are eager to be a part of this growth, and their motivations often align with several common factors:

→ A welcoming environment for family-building
→ Excellent work-life balance
→ Low corruption levels
→ A clean living environment with fresh air
→ Opportunities for professional growth and involvement in cutting-edge projects
→ Passport benefits.


The online IT Consultant hiring and employment process flow in three phases:

PHASE For Consultant For Employer
RECRUITMENT Our team finds the matching candidates (headhunting), does the initial interviews, selects the most appropriate candidates, does the necessary personality, language and technology checks and shortlists the candidates for the employer. Then our partners participate in the actual interview process with the candidates and companies and if a match is found, the process of contract signing is performed directly with mediation from DataJob. Once all papers are prepared, a process for a work visa starts, also managed by DataJob. Our team finds the matching candidates (headhunting), does the initial interviews, selects the most appropriate candidates, does the necessary personality, language and technology checks and shortlists the candidates for the employer. Then we help the employer identify the right potential candidates and schedule the interviews. We are extended support, providing intelligence, doing necessary due diligence and verification based on coordination with our employer partner. When the right candidate is selected, a contract is signed between DataJob and Employer and we initiate the following phases. We outsource the whole payroll and HR for our clients unless they insist on taking over the logistics.
RELOCATION You can move by yourself, but maybe you have a significant other or even offspring? We’ll help you in the process of moving by giving the right information, organizing transportation and helping you out in choosing your first apartment, something that is very challenging in some of the markets here. Take care to provide the IT consultant on time, with roof over head, with introduction about local context, company, what is expected from them and necessary support.
JUMP START OF YOUR CAREER Ongoing feedback from the employee and helping them to navigate through their new career, helping them to ease down and learn the local culture and expectations and ensure success and general satisfaction which is the long term guarantee that the relationship such as this can work. Ongoing feedback loop with consultants manager and/or HR representative. Taking care that the fit proves to be working in practice, working on corrective measures and general risk planning. Scheduling and forecasting contract potentials and extensions.


The work does not stop after the initial version of the product is implemented. Depending on the client’s expectations there might be extended support and managed services engagement where the scaled-down team works on maintenance, hosting support, changes. In the future when all is implemented the client can take over the solution, source code, hosting, and manage it either using another service provider, DataJob, or by using internal resources in their own company.

Unique methodology benefits

The methodology (agile/SCRUM) of choice helps the client achieve early time to market launch, validate progress in a timely manner, control quality of delivery, and pivot the product if necessary. By smart scoping the product owner can save budget on less relevant features and focus on the things that are more relevant for the end client. Combined with proactive marketing research this methodology enables fast modifications to accommodate the feedback received from the market and ensure that the product will be successful.

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