A recognized Swedish auction company began their digital transformation in partnership with DataJob.  Despite operating a successful brick-and-mortar shop that covers all aspects of their business, they are digitalizing their client-facing sales and communication channels, motivated by market forces, COVID-19, and technological advancements. With our assistance, they have modernized and extended their digital channels, facilitating efficient logistics services, valuation, and sales to achieve their strategic goals.

Project Overview

The project started in late spring 2021, and we launched its initial version in 2023. It consists of two web and one desktop application, based on the Scrum methodology. After the initial product implementation, the project management and development teams will continue to offer extended support, including maintenance, hosting support, and changes to meet client expectations.

Functional Description

The scope of work was to modernize the existing desktop-based application and enable a web-based interface for remote use. In the new interface setup, we covered all aspects of the line of business needs of the auction house, including additional workflows.

The new flows implement full digitalization of the antiquity acquisition and selling channels that until now have been done in a traditional in-person presence in the shop. The scope also includes the auction process and distribution of purchased goods, expanding usability to end clients.

Team Highlights

The project’s success hinges on a skilled team of professionals. Key roles include the Project Manager, coordinating various aspects of the project, and the Scrum Master, ensuring effective communication and progress tracking. The Business Analyst and the Account Manager are working together with the Product Owner to ensure alignment of business requirements and client satisfaction. The Developers employ their technical expertise to execute the project, while the QA team assures the quality of the product. The designer focused on the look and feel of the application.

Applicable Industries

This process is applicable to other companies that deal with reception, valuation, auction, resale, and buyout of goods such as financial institutions, antiquities, art, handmade products, and 2nd hand shops (both procurement and resale of clothes).

Benefits & Conclusion

The digital transformation presents the auction house with a unique opportunity to expand its marketplace and increase revenue, making the company more attractive for both online and in-person customers. The Scrum/Agile methodology offers flexibility to steer the project towards areas of strategic importance.

The experience of DataJob’s teams in handling similar products and projects ensures that all important technological and business questions are addressed from the start to minimize risks.

The near-shore team, sharing a similar cultural background, offers several benefits. These include transparency in communication, the ability to openly discuss risks and ask questions, share both positive and negative news accordingly, and proactively work towards achieving success.

Download Case Study

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