The scope of work is to modernize the current desktop-based applications and enable a web-based interface for remote use. The application covers all aspects of the line of business needs of the auction house. The dataset has been migrated and a new modern look and feel are implemented together with the web-based frontend. On top of the new interface setup, additional workflows are added.


Technology Stack and Architecture

DataJob can offer extensive know-how in multiple technology stacks. The project within this case study is based on Microsoft Software Development stack. The existing legacy application was used only to migrate the dataset and reverse engineer the functionalities in order to implement them in the new software.


Methodology benefits

The SCRUM / Agile methodology offers a unique set of opportunities for the product owner to steer the project into the functionalities, UI and market segments they deem most important. The methodology helps the client achieve early time to market launch, validate progress in a timely manner, control quality of delivery and pivot the product if necessary. Combined with proactive marketing research this methodology enables fast modifications to accommodate the feedback received from the market and ensure that the product will be successful.


Key benefit

Key expertise is covered in building workflows and business processes, integration with postage and payment endpoints and operational, logistic and finance software.

The key benefit for the client is extension of geographical marketplace (Expansion to a country-wide operation) which improves the turnover, revenue and selection which by itself makes the company more relevant and interesting to be visited online and in-person in search for valuables.


Applicable industries

This process is applicable to other companies that deal with reception, valuation, auction, resale and buyout of goods such as financial institutions, antiquities, art, handmade products, 2nd hand shops (both procurement and resale of clothes).