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There is one common pattern in the 21st century:

  • Every company is a digital company
  • Every product is also a software product
  • Every infrastructure must take the cloud into consideration
  • Each product team that writes software must integrate the software development lifecycle continuously across all elements in the pipeline
  • DRY principle (Don’t Repeat Yourself) works not only for software but also for infrastructure. Infrastructure as a code and automation are key elements on how to achieve this principle, save budget, increase the rapidity of the delivery lifecycle and embed quality control in the flow
  • Agile means infrastructure, not only code.

In order to achieve this and having in mind the worldwide scarcity of DevOps engineers, contact us to talk about your software challenges and how our consultants can help you.

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We develop industry-specific solutions for several key vertical markets

 We have teams with extensive know-how in the development of enterprise and line of business software, software consultants that know the Telco domain inside out, DevOps engineers that will help your company to transform and automate your development pipeline, help you use your extensive dataset to build Machine Learning and AI solutions, share the expertise to excel in the automotive market and many more.

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