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Transform the way your business operates with our services. We specialize in recruitment, relocation, logistics, legal, and local support for IT consultants, and offer Agile Development Team expansion.


IT Consultants

Companies need educated and experienced IT consultants in various job fields such as software development engineers with a different technology background

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Agile Development Teams

Having on-site consultants working in your offices has benefits. However, recent trends and an increased push towards remote work have opened up a completely new job market.

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We know that your business is very complex. This is why we also try to map the right employers with the right teams and consultants.

We recruit the best engineers from the worldwide pool. We take care that the right person joins your team from interviews up to movement and ongoing legal and migration support. But we also offer team extension and project teams for projects or parts of your products that can be managed remotely, transferring both cost savings and even higher access to the global recruitment market.

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You are a manager, head of IT or HR consultant in a company. Ongoing digitization initiatives, new products, the pressure coming from hybrid and remote work, new investments and opportunities press on you day by day.

The products or services need to be done, the deadlines are impossible and the local job market cannot produce the right engineers or consultants on time.

You need an IT consultant or a temporary or long term agile development team extension. Either way, you have a set of requirements whether it is a job description or a brief RFP. You need a partner that is seasoned on the market, has local presence in most important industry hubs and is highly dependable.

The process of hiring new team members, especially remotely, involves an immense amount of risks. Thus, a partner that will do the necessary cherry picking for you, select the best options and prepare a brief where you would be able to choose among actionable options which correlate with your KPI’s and Time To Market milestones.

We’ll start by talking about your strategy, your projects, your products, discuss your plans, your choke points, your risks. We’ll capture your business requirements, and what is the actual value you need help for. Then we’ll come back with an approach on how to map those requirements with a concrete action plan. If and when we find a way forward, we can actually prepare and reallocate the IT consultants and/or form an agile development team that will work near-shore or off-shore.

We make sure that there is a strong cultural fit concurrently with the technical capabilities of our candidates. Our perspective is that we must provide consultants that can understand deep down the business value of your business initiatives and/or products and find out the right ways to help you out to achieve those goals.

That’s easy. Just contact us and we’ll answer all your questions.

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