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DataJob is your Software Consultancy Partner with more than 10 years of local presence in the Nordics. We can provide both consultants and project teams to cover different aspects and challenges in your projects and product development lifecycle.

We are proud of our history and we are even more proud of our business strategy for the following period. We offer an unique 360 degree perspective for all stakeholders, with regular feedback cycles and embedded risk management in our process. Thus, we make sure that both the company and the individual and or team feel respected, equally important and fulfilled in the ongoing relationship.


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100’s of consultants, 10’s of long-term clients, 100’s of projects and products are just numbers. What matters is the human touch. DataJob is a company made of unique cultural fit of honest, working, and humble experts each in their own field.

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We are a hardworking team of experts

DataJob is a company made of unique cultural fit of honest, working and humble experts each in their own field. We extend our cultural touch both towards our clients and our consultants.

We offer a unique blend of know-how, highly developed recruitment capacity for IT consultants covering most of the worlds emergent workforce markets and opportunity to allocate remote teams to offload your software development process and optimize profitability.

Tijana Soljakova
Chief Executive Officer, CEO
Eddie Erixon
Chief Financial Officer, CFO
Iryna Moshkalova
Chief People Officer, CPO
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Discover our ways of work, our grit, and our insightfulness by following the complete lifecycle of our service delivery. By understanding how we work, you will be able to set your expectations and ask the right questions.